PROPERTY ECHO® is a revolutionary platform for the Asset Information Management (AIM)
Facilities Market


Is a proprietary software platform that supports the data collection, storage, maintenance, validation and condition of a facility’s individual assets as defined by the user. It is the critical first step ensuring that accurate data is being utilized throughout the Asset information Management lifecycle.

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PROPERTY ECHO is truly scalable meaning it can be applied to a small number of facilities producing financial, economic, and ROI benefits to help your business grow and support thousands of facilities in the future.

Asset Tracking

Every asset you deem critical or essential is entered into the system via tag scanning and includes the make, model, serial number, DOB or other customer required attributes to ensure a complete and evergreen asset registry.

Predictive Spend

Have insight to the condition health and lifespan of critical assets by clearly differentiating between expensed and capitalized repair/replacement/rebuild actions. Prioritize the bad actors to reduce maintenance, operating expenses and overall capital expenditure costs.

Warranty Management

Avoid costly repairs on critical assets by knowing pre-warranty expiration dates based on accurate asset tracking information.

Integrated Analytics

PROPERTY ECHO incorporates dynamic analytic data such as Average Asset Lifespan; Predictive Spend; Average Yearly Maintenance Cost and more to help drive your business. The information is presented in an easy to navigate dashboard that provides comprehensive and informative operations data for use from the board room to the facility floor.

CMMS Integration

PROPERTY ECHO operates as a stand-alone Asset Information Management (AIM) system and supports the export of asset data integration into leading CMMS platforms for work order management and other functions.

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