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Data Fleet provides the ability for you to be predictive in your approach to your facilities management of operational assets. This is done by combining our skilled field force with digital capture tools to deliver a live look at the lifecycle of your assets. Never before could you see your assets, understand them and intelligently plan for the future.

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Data Fleet provides greater Insight & Awareness to your operational assets by combining our skilled inspection professionals with our digital data capture and analysis technology. Together with our facilities management technology, you will gain new insights about predicting future performance so you can make fast, confident decisions driven by data. That’s peace of mind you can count on.

With over 1 million third-party inspections completed and 400+ global resources, Data Fleet’s skilled inspection professionals leverage field-based digital data capture technology to provide the information you need to better manage your facilities.

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With more than 400 technology-enabled resources worldwide, we quickly collect information on your key equipment, its condition, and other information – no matter how many locations you have. Then we add this to your digital twin. As a result, our facilities management technology creates a single source of information so you can effectively manage your operational equipment on all levels.

Asset Inventory & Tagging

We collect asset information (make, model, serial number, and more) and match it to a tag used in your CMMS platform. Also, we will inventory and verify all equipment types to flow data seamlessly to your CMMS platform so you will have a full understanding of every inch of your property.

Property Condition Assessments

We apply a standard assessment of your equipment and properties, so you have valuable insight into their life, health, and general condition. As a result, your facilities management team can intelligently plan from a predictive and capital budgeting standpoint.

Lifecycle Managed Services

As your business grows, Data Fleet can support you by keeping your asset registry current when new or revised asset changes are introduced. We also assist with ensuring those changes are implemented into your CMMS work order system.

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