Integrating with a CMMS streamlines maintenance operations, enhances productivity, ensures data accuracy, and is essential for informed decision-making.


Asset Inventory Management

Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

After the inventorying, tagging, and condition assessment process, it is vital to integrate the data into a computerized maintenance management system. Using a CMMS platform allows work order management and data analysis across time as follows:

Step 1

Scan the QR code on the asset tag for the defective asset and place a work order to the relevant vendor.

Step 2

The assigned vendor accesses the CMMS to view service history and equipment manuals. They then update the CMMS, documenting the defect along with the repair work performed.

Step 3

The vendor invoice is tied to the work order so you can track spending. When the repairs are completed and work orders closed out, the data is available for analysis.