Get Control and Visibility of Your Physical Assets With Our Facilities Management Services

Data Fleet provides the latest asset registry, tagging, property assessment, and lifecycle management tools. Now you can eliminate guesswork, gain access to critical data about your physical assets, and make operational decisions that improve efficiency and save money.

Digitized Facilities Management

Professional Services Offering

Facility AI data flow chart
Facility AI data flow chart

Other Services

Spatial Capture Services

Using advanced technology, we scan your building to create a digital twin walkthrough. Also included are floorplans and CAD-compatible outputs, so you have insights into your internal needs now and in the long run.

Drone Services

Data Fleet will manage the entire drone process for you, including piloting drones, capturing data and providing insights about your assets. We will deliver high-quality, cost-effective image and video data for analysis.

Return on Investment & Total Cost of Ownership

Keeping an evergreen asset registry is critical because “you can’t manage what you don’t know.” 

With Data Fleet’s help, you can realize the following and more.

Companies have realized up to 20x cost savings with increased visibility and knowledge, helping to optimize CMMS performance.
When your asset inventory registry is current and properly tagged, the cost-saving impact in these areas has proven significant, especially when integrated into a CMMS system. Companies have reduced their overall repair and maintenance spend by 18% to 20% alone.
With accurate data on all major assets in a centralized CMMS platform, companies have minimized risk, improved operational efficiency, maximized asset uptime, and improved business performance.

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