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4 min.

The Essentials of Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is an essential aspect of any company’s operations. Unfortunately, it often gets overlooked in favor of reactive maintenance or repairs. This approach can be costly in the long...
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4 min.

How Data Fleet Can Help Facility Managers Reduce Revenue Loss

By definition, facility managers are tasked with overseeing a company’s equipment and physical assets. They must make sure that all the necessary tools, machinery, and other resources are available to...
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6 min.

Facility Managers—
Bring Your Equipment Assets to Life!

Devoted fans of science fiction are likely familiar with the verb “to grok,” which is derived from author Robert A. Heinlein’s groundbreaking 1961 sci-fi novel Stranger in a Strange Land. The...
Head profile with info data points
6 min.

Good Asset Information Management Is a Necessity for Facility Managers

Facility managers are responsible for keeping buildings and assets in tip-top shape and ensuring the safety and comfort of customers, company employees, and other facility occupants. Failure or downtime of...
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7 min.

Facilities Asset Management Best Practices

Most facility managers are likely all too familiar with the complexity of managing their assets and resources. From tracking how soon a particular piece of equipment needs maintenance to understanding...
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7 min.

The Future of Facilities Management

Lately it feels like everyone is busy—too busy for their own good. For that reason, it can sometimes be difficult for facility managers to stay abreast of the latest technologies...
Spreadsheet financial data on laptop
5 min.

The Financial Aspect of Facilities Management

Facility managers have to be sure they are maintaining their mechanical and operational equipment—their “fleet,” as it were—in an economically sound and cost-effective way. Good fleet lifecycle management requires knowledge...
Stylized asset information management database
6 min.

Top 3 Best Practices Tips for Facility Managers

Facility asset management is a critical part of running any business. It helps to ensure that the key equipment used in the facility is properly maintained and, when necessary, replaced...
Taking AIM: Property Echo best practices
4 min.

Facility AI Best Practices

Following up on last month’s blog article on Asset Information Management (AIM), we are left with the question: With all this data potentially at your fingertips, what is the optimum...
AIM for your target
3 min.

Improve Your AIM with Data Fleet’s Facility AI

Any facility manager worth their salt understands that the key to excellence in that field is to strive for accurate, complete, and reliable Asset Information Management (AIM). Regrettably, that is easier...
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