Facility AI Best Practices

Taking AIM: Property Echo best practices

Following up on last month’s blog article on Asset Information Management (AIM), we are left with the question: With all this data potentially at your fingertips, what is the optimum way to acquire, organize, and make use of it? In answer to that question, a critical first step in setting up Facility AI for your […]

Improve Your AIM with Data Fleet’s Facility AI

AIM for your target

Any facility manager worth their salt understands that the key to excellence in that field is to strive for accurate, complete, and reliable Asset Information Management (AIM). Regrettably, that is easier said than done! For even a relatively small organization, the sheer volume and complexity of mission-critical assets to be assessed and maintained over their lifecycle, […]

Introduction to Facility Asset Information Management (AIM)

Group meeting of facility asset info management team

Tasked with keeping the modern workplace running efficiently, safely, and economically, facility managers today may operate under the impression that theirs is an ancient profession, dating to the days of Roman emperors if not further back. They would be wrong. This specialized form of management does not even predate iconic inventions and once vital assets […]