Improve Your AIM with Data Fleet’s Facility AI

Any facility manager worth their salt understands that the key to excellence in that field is to strive for accurate, complete, and reliable Asset Information Management (AIM). Regrettably, that is easier said than done! For even a relatively small organization, the sheer volume and complexity of mission-critical assets to be assessed and maintained over their lifecycle, across months and years, could prove daunting, to say the least. If you are a facilities manager in charge of numerous costly properties, structures, and pieces of equipment, imagine how much easier your job would be if there were a single dedicated resource, always at your fingertips, designed to help you manage all those operational assets.

Well, you’re in luck. Such a resource exists, and it’s called Facility AI.

Data Fleet’s Facility AI

Your first question might be, “What is Facility AI?” And we’ll answer that question by first telling you what it is not: it is not a CMMS (computerized maintenance management system). Almost by definition, CMMS software centralizes maintenance information and facilitates maintenance operations on a computer. This is a vital yet limited function. By contrast, while Facility AI can communicate with your organization’s CMMS software and integrate with its processes, it does many more things besides.

Facility AI is a proprietary facility management software platform that supports the collection and storage of data relating to the maintenance, validation, and condition of a facility’s individual key assets. Beyond that, its feature set includes:

Facility AI software on iPhone and computer

  • Asset Tracking
    Every asset you deem critical or essential is entered into the system via tag scanning and includes the make, model, serial number, DOB, or other customer-required attributes to ensure a complete and up-to-date Asset Registry.
  • Predictive Spend
    The platform provides insight into the condition health and lifespan of critical assets by clearly differentiating between expensed and capitalized repair/replacement/rebuild actions.
  • Warranty Management
    Avoid costly repairs on critical assets by knowing pre-warranty expiration dates based on accurate asset tracking information.
  • Integrated Analytics
    Facility AI incorporates dynamic analytic data such as Average Asset Lifespan, Predictive Spend, Average Yearly Maintenance Cost, and more to help drive your business.

Property Echo 3D 360° walk-through

The information is presented in an easy-to-navigate dashboard that provides comprehensive and informative operations data for use from the board room to the facility floor. It even includes a 3D walk-through feature to make it even easier to pin down the physical location of key assets within a given facility.

Facility AI is also truly scalable—that is to say, while it can be applied to a small number of facilities in the beginning, it is designed to produce financial, economic, and ROI benefits to help your business grow and support thousands of facilities in the future. For that reason, there is also a handy geo-tracking feature to help you locate specific assets in any facility anywhere in the country.



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