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Devoted fans of science fiction are likely familiar with the verb “to grok,” which is derived from author Robert A. Heinlein’s groundbreaking 1961 sci-fi novel Stranger in a Strange Land. The word signifies a deep, intuitive understanding, or an empathetic sense of becoming one with an observed object or experienced phenomena. Thus, to grok something is to comprehend it so thoroughly that it becomes a part of oneself, incorporating its essence into one’s own being.

This term, while spawned in science fiction, has since been adopted in various fields such as computer programming, where it refers to an intimate and thorough knowledge of a system or a coding language. In a business context, the term can denote an employee’s mastery of their work processes.

And for facility managers, what better term to use when describing a complete understanding of their equipment assets? And yet, keeping up with those assets can be a constant challenge! From tracking down maintenance history to ensuring daily inspections are completed, it’s no wonder facility managers may feel overwhelmed at times.

Do You Grok It?

But what if there were an easy and efficient solution that allowed you to bring the totality of your equipment assets to life—in essence, to grok it? With the right tools in place, managing your facility assets doesn’t have to be a headache any longer. In this blog post, we’ll dive into how to use Data Fleet’s Property Echo platform and Facility AI assistant to easily and effectively comprehend and manage all of your active asset data so that you can always stay on top of replacement schedules, one-off repairs, and ongoing routine maintenance.

Examine Equipment Locations

For facility managers, it’s important to have not just a national big picture but also a granular single-facility view. They must see both the forest and the trees.

When it comes to managing equipment assets, having a national overview can provide valuable insights into the performance of your facilities. By examining data on a larger scale, you can identify global trends and patterns that may not be visible when looking at individual facilities. This information can help you make strategic decisions for both short-term and long-term asset planning.

While a national overview is important, it’s also crucial to have a granular view of each individual facility. Being able to identify the root cause of higher expenses by individual location allows you to closely monitor the specific assets within a facility, track their performance over time, and ultimately consider what next steps to take. With this information, you can spotlight any recurring issues or maintenance needs and address them promptly before they become larger problems.

Additionally, having a granular view allows for more detailed data collection. This can include information such as asset condition, maintenance history, and current usage patterns. By collecting this data for each individual asset, you can better understand its anticipated lifespan and plan accordingly for replacements or upgrades.

Bringing your equipment assets to life also means integrating technology to streamline the management process. With the use of dedicated facility asset management software specifically designed to handle multiple locations, such as Property Echo and Facility AI, you can easily track and analyze data for all of your facilities in one centralized location. This eliminates the need for manual record-keeping and allows for real-time updates on asset performance.

Property Echo: asset tracking
Property Echo can track equipment assets
by state, location, and date put into service.

Furthermore, by integrating technology into your asset management process, you can also automate routine tasks such as maintenance reminders and work orders. This not only saves time but also ensures that all necessary maintenance is completed on schedule, prolonging the lifespan of your assets.

Learn Which Equipment Does the Best Job

To continually optimize your asset lifecycle management procedures, it’s worth your while to leverage technology to determine which makes and models of your equipment assets last the longest and perform the best. Asset information management (AIM) software like Property Echo, with its robust data analysis capabilities, can help you draw meaningful insights from your asset performance data. It can track the service history, downtime, and overall performance of each relevant item in your inventory. By drilling down and analyzing this data at the granular level, you can identify the most reliable and efficient equipment, informing your future purchasing decisions. This way, you ensure that your facilities are equipped with long-lasting, high-performing assets, maximizing productivity and minimizing maintenance costs.

Property Echo: predictive spend
Property Echo provides valuable data on predictive spend for facility assets.

By continually analyzing and updating your equipment asset data, you can also identify patterns or trends that may indicate larger issues within your facilities. This proactive approach allows for prompt identification and resolution of potential problems, minimizing downtime and disruptions. It also helps with budget planning, as potential issues can be addressed before they escalate into costly repairs or replacements.

See Your Assets in 3D

Valuable as they are, the lists and graphs that technology provides to facility managers are just that: lists and graphs. They can tell you a lot, but not always the whole story. What better way to truly bring your facility equipment assets to life than to view them in three dimensions, over time, from purchase to disposal? Property Echo accomplishes this with its Matterport feature.

Property Echo: Matterport
View facility assets on-site with Matterport.

Matterport is a leading spatial data technology that allows users to create a realistic, digital twin of their physical spaces. It offers a comprehensive platform that uses 3D capture technology to streamline documentation, collaboration, and visualization. With Matterport, users can capture, customize, and share walkthrough models, enabling virtual tours of spaces such as real estate properties, construction sites, work areas, and more.

This innovative technology has the potential to revolutionize industries ranging from real estate and architecture to insurance and retail by providing interactive virtual experiences that can enhance customer engagement and improve business processes.

For facility managers, it allows them to visualize the physical spaces and assets they are managing, in real time. By utilizing Matterport, facilities managers can gain a deeper understanding of their spaces and assets, making data-driven decisions for efficient operations and cost savings.

So why wait? Start grokking your equipment assets with Property Echo, Facility AI, and Matterport today and take your facility management to the next level!

Property Echo: Where Your Assets Live

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